Report: Microsoft and Fox Talking About Xbox TV

by Brian Leahy, Apr 21, 2010 3:20pm PDT
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Bloomberg is reporting that representatives from Microsoft former News Corp. President Peter Chernin are in talks about creating an Xbox TV channel, which would live on Microsoft's console. Chernin is now a film and television producer at News Corp. owned Fox.

According to the report, citing two sources with knowledge of the deal, the channel would require an Xbox Live Gold membership to access. Chernin reportedly suggested raising the monthly fee for Xbox Live Gold by $1 - $2 to "add programming aimed at the online service’s young, male target audience" in a meeting that took place on April 12.

Such a channel, if in the works, would be owned by both Microsoft and Chernin. "Peter is talking to lots of people about lots of ideas in the digital space," said Chernin's publicist. At one point, Chernin and Microsoft were said to be in talks with Conan O'Brien before he signed a deal to do a show on TBS.

This would be a great thing for Microsoft to announce at E3 2010 and we will keep you posted with any new developments on the issue.


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  • Hmm, charging an extra fee to everyone for something that most of them don't want, don't need, haven't requested, and won't use. I turn on my 360 to play games or watch videos of my choosing. If I wanted to watch video selected and scheduled by some douchenozzle TV executive, there are already a few hundred cable channels to choose from that offer that service.

    I do agree it would be a great thing for them to announce this shitbrained idea as early as possible, so we can spend the extra time to make sure the sound of everyone yelling "FUCK NO" will be audible even in the vacuum of space.