UK Gamer Gets Refund over PS3's Linux Loss

NeoGAF administrator 'iapetus' just got a partial refund from Amazon UK for his launch-day PlayStation 3 60GB model. Why?

It turns out that when Sony removed OtherOS/Linux support from the PlayStation 3, it may have violated EU law, which requires that products continue to be fit for advertised purposes at least 2 years after release. The UK requires this for 6 years.

While this appears to be an isolated incident, it could open the door for more refunds in the UK and possibly EU depending on each member nation's time-requirement. 'iapetus' was refunded a total of £84, which is about $129 at current exchange rates.

Amazon UK will probably turn around and bill Sony for the total amount refunded to any buyers. Not only that, this could apply to all retailers.

When reached for comment, Sony suggested Shacknews contact Amazon UK instead.