Monster Hunter Tri Getting Post-Release Events

Taking a page from the book of Demon's Souls, Capcom will be running events in Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) that will bring new challenges and opportunities for new gear and items to players after its North American release on April 20.

nope Events will run multiple times so players don't have to worry about missing an opportunity and will rotate on a "cyclical" basis. The schedule will be announced on a monthly basis via Capcom Unity, with the events falling under three types:

  • Event Quests

    Up to four players can band together online to complete the Event Quests. The Event Quests offer a variety of challenges on an ongoing basis, cycling monsters of varying difficulty. Aspiring hunters must meet the required hunter rank in order to participate in these quests or work to level up their characters by hunting monsters in either the single player mode or standard online multiplayer mode and attempt to participate when the desired post launch quest appears again. Specialized weapons, including three designed by Capcom's community members, can only be obtained by participating in Event Quests.

  • Gigantic Monster Quests

    Gigantic Monster Quests, a distinctive event quest, are only available for one day at a time. Pitting players up against the rare and challenging Jhen Mohran, gigantic monster quests find players on a ship as they battle the massive beast, firing cannons to draw the monster close before attacking at closer range with their customized weapons.

  • Arena Quests

    Arena Quests pit two players against solitary monsters in varied coliseums. Hunters work together to take down the specific massive beasts in either a traditional Monster Hunter style or in a time attack style, offering a higher chance of acquiring value rewards based on how quickly the monster is defeated.

In Japan, Monster Hunter Tri's online component requires a monthly fee. That fee is waived here in North America. The game will also be available in a bundle with the Classic Controller Pro, previously only available in Japan.