MGS: Peace Walker Getting Second PSP Bundle in US

Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP) will be bundled with a PSP-3000 in two different packs in the United States. The first, announced back in March nets the buyer a "Spirited Green" PSP-3000 along with the game, 2GB Memory Stick, in-game downlodable conent, and a voucher for a downloadable movie.

nope That is what you'll get for $199. Announced this week, however, is the "Big Boss" bundle, featuring everything in the original bundle except the PSP-3000 is "Camoflauge", the Memory Stick is 4GB, and it comes with a carrying case.

How much of a premium do you expect to pay for these extras? How about $0? Both bundles will run $199. The superior "Big Boss" bundle is only available in the US and at GameStop locations. The other bundle is available at most retailers in the US and Canada. Both bundles will arrive on June 8 along with the game itself.

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