Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailers Deploy Tech

Apparently convinced that good things come in threes, Ubisoft has released a third trio of Splinter Cell: Conviction trailers showing more of sneaky Sam Fisher's tactical tricks.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is out for Xbox 360 on April 13, with the DRM-tastic PC edition arriving a little later around April 27. A short demo is available now on Xbox 360.

First up are Sam's EMP grenades, which disrupt electronics as well as enemies--who apparently carry enough tech to be rendered blind, stumbling idiots by the wave.

BOOM video 4666

The second trailer demonstrates Sam's brutally efficient technique for breaching rooms and clearing them of undesirable elements.

BOOM video 4667

Lastly, we see Sam taking holiday snaps and spying on foes with his sticky camera.

BOOM video 4668