'Gothic-Lolita Shmup' Deathsmiles Gets LE

CAVE's "gothic-lolita shmup hit" Deathsmiles is coming to North America in Xbox 360 form this June, and to commemrate the occasion, publisher Aksys Games has unveiled a goodie-filled limited edition for those enamored with the "bullet-hell smash hit." nope

Priced at $49.99, the "lolitastic first run limited edition" includes a custom Xbox 360 faceplate "featuring four cute angels trapped in a creepy gothic cage," plus a soundtrack and extra-wide packaging "to compliment the shmup orientation."

By the way, this isn't an April Fools' joke. There really is a game called Deathsmiles, and it really features gothic lolitas, complete with whips and chokers. Besides, Aksys already blew its April Fools' load on the $299.99 BDSM Uber Edition of Deathsmiles.