Star Wars: The Old Republic Adds 'Sarlacc' Class as BioWare Celebrates April Fools'

Good news, everyone! BioWare's rolled out an April Fools' gag that doesn't cost money.

As work on Star Wars: The Old Republic continues down at BioWare Austin, the team has opted to celebrate April Fools' Day 2010 with the revelation of the (not really) playable Sarlacc Enforcer class. Yes, that toothy hole in the ground. That's the Sarlacc. nope

But wait, there's more! On top of screenshots and concept art, a few brief videos were released to demonstrate the Sarlacc's various attacks, such as ....waiting patiently. BOOM video 4587

Capable of slowly digesting its prey over a thousand years, the Sarlacc often keep several "meals" on hand to use as ballistic rounds. Using an undigested blaster to ignite a charge of gas, the Sarlacc spits an undigested victim at its target with a velocity approaching 500 meters per second.

BOOM video 4588

The Sarlacc has a preternatural awareness of when and where its targets will appear. Often, the Sarlacc will wait in the sand until its prey approaches, before pouncing in a flurry too fast for human eyes to see.

BOOM video 4589

The Sarlacc has naturally developed some abilities that easily overshadow weaponry touted as "state-of-the-art." Relying on extreme feats of mental acuity to channel the energy and instantly perform targeting calculations, this signature Sarlacc laser battery could easily cut through an entire planet.

Speaking of waiting patiently, BioWare's PC MMO isn't expected until Spring 2011.