Shack PSA: $20 Game Credit at Amazon with Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pre-Order

Just as it did with Halo: Reach (Xbox 360), online retailer Amazon.com has now matched Walmart.com's promotion for Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) by offering those that pre-order the impending platformer "$20 off a future video game purchase."

But, as previously noted, there are some differences between the two offers. Though they sound similar--a $20 e-gift card at Walmart.com versus "$20 off a future video game purchase" at Amazon.com--those that pre-order from Walmart.com get their gift card immediately and can use it on anything sold by the online retailer. nope

Meanwhile, those that pre-order from Amazon get their credit "within 2 business days after the product ships"--Super Mario Galaxy 2 arrives May 23 in North America--and can only use their discount on "a future video game purchase." Then again, Amazon.com seems to be more timely with its product shipments and subsequent deliveries.

But as I've said before, it's a good deal regardless of the retailer--either way, you're getting roughly 40% of the game's $49.99 asking price back--just make sure to act fast, as there's no indication when either of these deals will end. Thanks MuteMode.