Weekend Confirmed Episode 1

By Garnett Lee, Mar 26, 2010 1:00pm PDT After what seems like forever the wait is over. Weekend Confirmed debuts today. Anchored by Garnett, Brian, and Jeff Cannata from the Totally Rad Show (and his blog), they waste no time getting down to the business of confirming weekends. There's months of backlog for Whatcha Been Playin and they make a strong effort digging into it with God of War 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Starcraft 2 beta, and a whole lot more. Even before the show's started the listeners have come through strong with great starters for Four Minute Warning. And in Front Page the 3DS announcements leads off a full slate of news.

The feed has been submitted for your subscribing pleasure to iTunes and as soon as it's live there we'll have a link here. Link to Subscribe to Weekend Confirmed in iTunes. We should also be live in the Zune marketplace shortly. There's also the Weekend Confirmed RSS feed which you can use to subscribe in just about any platform you like.

We've also got a handy player to listen to the show right here on the site if you like:

Listen to Weekend Confirmed Episode 1 (NOTE: a player window will pop-up)

And if you're on the GameCenter App, you can play the show here. Download Weekend Confirmed Episode 1

Weekend Confirmed comes in four segments to make it easy to listen to in segments or all at once. Here's the timing for this week's episode:

Whatcha' Been Playin: Starts: 0:22 Ends: 25:43

Whatcha' Been Playin Part 2: Starts: 25:54 Ends: 50:41

Four Minute Warning: Starts: 51:03 Ends: 1:18:04

The Front Page: Starts: 1:18:25 Ends: 1:45:40

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Check out more at his Facebook page.

Jeff's also currently starring in The Psychic. For tickets and more information please see the Falcon Theatre.

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  • Ok, for anyone on the fence about this podcast here's my itunes review and fanboy opinion :

    Finally , the great Garnett Lee is back. This man can do no wrong and he's got som great backup in Jeff Cannata. I don't know much about Brian but I have a feeling this little group will go on to greatness thanks to Garnett.
    The first episode started out a little shaky but you could already see that these guys are going places. I'm hoping for a fourth chair in the future and some more differing opinions which leads to the great discussions I love from Garnetts previous shows.

    The leader of this podcast is a pro and he's got a pretty interesting panel so I recommend this to anyone interested in gaming news and discussion.

  • I'm just getting around to listening to the podcast today, so I don't know if anyone will even read this, but I had a comment about God of War 3.

    I find it hard to believe that anyone could consider this game the best of this series, much less the best 3D action game of all time. Playing on normal I have had nothing but trouble with a lot of the camera movements and the sometimes unresponsive controls. I dont know how many times I died because the camera was in the wrong place and it wasnt immediately clear where I was supposed to go. Other problems with the camera during fights were causing me to die a lot as well. For example, the part of the game where the demo starts, the first fight with the centaur. I was constantly getting attacked by the centaur while he was completely off screen and had no time to react, much less input the half circle counter move. Then shortly after he would disappear off screen again after his charge move only to catch me completely off guard again and again. After dying about 6 times I just gave up.

    Now, I will admit that the controls for the God of War games never have quite clicked with me, but I've never been so frustrated as I have been with 3.

    Also regarding the comments about pick up and playability, I though Batman Arkham Asylum was a ton easier to just pick up and play, even on hard. Batman was no where near as challenging, but I had a lot more fun and consistantly felt like a bad ass, where as in GoW3 I feel like I'm pulling off these awesome combos but still getting the shit kicked out of me.

  • Hey Garnett and Co. Great show! I've been dying to hear this for god knows how long. Okay maybe that's a bit over the top, but I 'm glad it's finally out. At any rate, great show and I'm looking forward to hearing it on a regular basis.

    I enjoyed the whole podcast but was most interested in what you all had to say about Just Cause 2 and Bad Company 2. I was actually playing the Just Cause 2 demo while you all were discussing the game and while I enjoyed it on a very base level I was left with the feeling that it isn't a game that I desperately need to pick up right this second. It looks to me like the typical big dumb fun game that we've seen before in other sandbox games and while I enjoyed it doesn't appear to be adding anything all that new. It seemed like it the game could be summed up by saying, "he did you see that crazy shit I just did? What's that great?" That's not a necessary a bad thing, but I've been playing games like that ever sense the GTA series was born. Basically Just Cause 2 looks like the video game equivalent of getting together with your buddies for a couple of beers (or more) and laughing at the same dumb stories you've told each other for years.

    I get it. I like it, but it's by no means the type of game that I need to pick up on right this second. It's much more the type of game that I'll pick up at some point when I realize that I don't have anything to do on a particular weekend and I haven't bought a new game in a while.

    Bad Company 2 on the other hand is a game that I've been enjoying the hell out of. It could use a couple more maps but hey I'm digging what we've got so far. This game really is the perfect antidote to my frustrations with Modern Warfare 2. I appreciate that teamwork takes precedents over the ever popular lone wolf approach that most games love to reward. That said I can't say that I was over the moon about the campaign. It had it's moments, but man alive was that thing ever a shooting gallery. That said it was all worth it if only to hear the Sarge talk about what his rap name would be and to hear Haggard admit his concerns about stepping into the afterlife and ah...washing his brain. Funny, funny stuff.