Space Strategy 'Flotilla' Voyages Onto Xbox 360

BOOM widget 96551Blendo Games' charming turn-based space strategy game Flotilla has made the hyper-jump from PC onto Xbox Live Indie Games.

Flotilla sees a dying space captain choosing to spend their last seven months alive exploring the cosmos, encountering weird and wonderful lifeforms such as militant deer and fugitive rasta cats whilst engaging in turn-based battles set in full 3D space. It's quite lovely.

The universe is arranged randomly each time a new adventure is started, meaning players might spend their seven months amassing a heavily-armed fleet in one adventure then making strange new friends and winning karaoke contests in the next.

Flotilla is a snap on PC at $10 so 400 Microsoft Points ($5) on Xbox 360 is a bargain. A demo is of course available and you can also nab the PC demo from FileShack.

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