Weekend Confirmed Debuts Friday

By Garnett Lee, Mar 24, 2010 6:00pm PDT I've been looking forward to writing this post since the day I came on board. This Friday we debut our new podcast, Weekend Confirmed. Joining me in the regular cast are our own Brian Leahy and Jeff Cannata from the Totally Rad Show. The show will hit the Internet each Friday at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific and you'll be able to get it everywhere podcasts are found. We'll also include a built-in pop-out player in the news story each week in case you're at work or someplace where you can't use your usual music software.

Format was a big subject for me to tackle because over the years I've always been working to improve the shows. Length is probably the toughest part of that. Weekend Confirmed will clock in at 2 hours, but we're breaking it up a little differently. There will be four segments to the show which should make it easier to break down into listening segments to suit your time.

As for what we'll be talking about, well, some parts were a given. There'll be Whatcha Been Playin? featuring, as the title implies, what we've been playing. We're going to include community every week, too, because that was one of my favorite parts back in the day that slowly wound up getting worked out of the shows. Brian will be bringing the news to the fore in a discussion segment we're calling the Front Page. And, because it's just plain fun, we're going to do Four Minute Warning every week for a segment. We'll pull the topics and questions for that from a number of spots. Primarily, though, they'll come from threads here on Shack, most likely that I'll drop in chatty posts.

For this first show, though, the place is here, in the comments to this story. Let your Four Minute Warning questions fly.

And, while you're doing that, here's the new intro music to help get in the spirit.

Listen to the Weekend Confirmed Intro Music Now

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  • So now that I've seen the trailer for Scott Pilgrim, and seen that it is AWESOME, it got me thinking about the fact that a Scott Pilgrim game was announced for XBLA a while back. Do you guys know anything about that? Who's working on it, how it's coming, etc., etc.? As someone who is old enough to have been burned dozens of times on movie tie-in games, it's been at least a few years since I've had any interest in such things, but a $10-15 digital download will be a lot easier sell than a full retail disc. In other words, please tell me this will be great :) Thanks!

  • With the thousands of apps for the iphone, the ipad being released in the next two weeks, and the announcement of steam being available on the Mac, has Apple become a viable platform for gaming (outside of the casual games)? Do you think Apple will focus more investment toward gaming as opposed to keeping it sidelined (and I refer more to the hardcore gamers market vs. the family friendly casual market)? Their release of the Apple TV a few years back shows they are willing to go outside the standard computing and offer products that are more "niche" and not always speaking towards the larger mainstream audience. Parallel to this question, what do you think the iPad will bring to gaming, if anything?


  • I can't wait! Thanks for making this podcast for us Garnett! I have something to look forward to every week again.

    Here's my 4 Minute Warning Question.

    It's kind of in 3 parts.

    How hard will it be for third-party developers to make a game that will work with the PS3 Dual Shock 3, the PS3 Move, the standard 360 controller, Natal, and Wii? What are the odds that we will see big games like Madden or Call Of Duty, that are usually released on all major consoles, that will actually utilize all of these new control methods? How expensive will this be for the developers if they do make a game that works with all of these control methods?

    Thanks again, Garnett. I can't wait for my weekend to be confirmed!

  • You've just made my month! What's the URL to the RSS-feed? I'll set up my phone to download the podcast automatically, so I can listen to it first thing on Saturdays. Oh, what a glorious morning!

    As to the Four Minute Warning: What's the future of paid online? PSN is free, but you pay to play on Xbox Live. Sure, XBL has it's advantages, but Sony is playing catch up and has already surpassed Xbox Live in some respects: where's a 256 player online shooter for Xbox?

    But the real issue is that the line between online and offline experience has already been blurred in some cases. Ghost cars are an old thing in rally games and you could download your friends' time trial runs in Mirror's Edge (although it could be argued that these are just enhanced leaderboards). Demon's Souls did some clever things with mixing online and offline.

    With developers becoming more and more familiar with networked consoles, they are probably going to be testing the limits of what they are allowed to let gamers do free of charge and what has to be paid for. How can single player experience be further enhanced by introducing online elements, and at which point will it be impossible for Microsoft to explain why certain features require XBL Gold, even if you don't explicitly start an online game?

    Sony's Premium PSN is a whole topic of its own.

    (And, in case you decide to discuss this topic, an unofficial pronunciation of "jryi" is "jay-ree".)

  • I can't wait, Garnett Lee, you have returned. All the boys and girls scream for joy :-)

    4 Minute Warning ? : State of the Industry.

    Ever since the record breaking sales year that was 2008, the gaming industry has been in a steady month to month decline. With the focus on cheaper to make downloadable games ramping up, and the development of "triple A" games decreasing for major and minor publishers, can or will the industry ever reach 2008's illustrious high? Or will the gaming industry sales continue to shrink?


    I look forward to getting to the rest of the crew! Weekend Confirmed is right, biatch!

  • Great to have you back behind the mic Garnett. Can't wait to hear the show.

    Here's a four-minute warning topic:

    I've been listening to some old episode of 1Up Yours, and every time a news story involving an industry analyst came up, someone would ask why we should care about what the analyst had to say. Everyone would always say that that was a topic for another day, and move on.

    Well today's that day. Who exactly are these analysts? Why should we put any stock in their opinions? It seems that they're frequently wrong, but the every time they comment on anything, the community goes wild. What is their relationship with/difference from more traditional games journalism? How does Michael Pachter's weekly segment on Game Trailers complicate this situation?

  • This is what I've been waiting for. This is the reason I've been visiting Shacknews over the past few months. Finally, my weekends will be confirmed as they should be.

    Four Minute Warning question:

    I just listened to the most recent Bombcast, and the guys talked about GoW3, saying it looks gorgeous and plays great, then say how it feels "old," like something out of the PS2 era on how it's put together: the QTEs, the way the actions seems to funnel you through the "story, ex: 'It's like Disney World - hey look , now I'm in Hades Land;' wall climbing sequences seem to be placed not out of logic, but out of obligation for conformity to the series (even though there is no complaint about the actual game-play of those sequences . I haven't played the game but I've heard these general vibes about the game elsewhere on gaming podcasts.

    So the question is: are [hardcore] gamers becoming way too jaded about games with inflated, misplaced expectations? Does every game have to "be something new?"