Hamlet Media Takes Shakespearean Liberties

By Jeff Mattas, Mar 23, 2010 6:00pm PDT Developer mif2000 is cooking up an awesomely bizarre (and first-ever) adventure game based on Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet, and has a released a trailer proving that tragedy and comedy can make strange and interesting bedfellows.

The traditional point-and-click adventure's full title, "Hamlet or last game without MMORPG elements, shaders, and product placement," supports the game's quirky sense of humor, and hints (rather unsubtly) that this won't be your grandpappy's Hamlet. Honestly, the trailer's giant octopus is a dead giveaway.

Rather than playing as the ill-fated Danish prince himself, players will take on the role of a cute little protagonist simply named "the Hero," who will face off against logic-based puzzles. And the aforementioned giant octopus, of course.

Forsooth, "Hamlet" is due out exclusively for PC on April 8.

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