Shack PSA: Fallout 3 DLC 50% Off on Xbox Live

Typically 800 Microsoft Points / $10 each, all five of Fallout 3's downloadable expansions have been marked down by half as part of this week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week.

Of course, a few restrictions apply. For starters, the discounts are only valid on Xbox 360--PC and PlayStation 3 owners are out of luck--and you need to have either bought or redeemed an Xbox Live Gold membership to get the discounted price. Sorry, Silver.

Point Lookout and Broken Steel

Once you're logged in as Gold, you should see the following prices until March 29:

Now, as for which ones are worth it, I'm partial to Broken Steel and Point Lookout myself--Steel for raising the level cap and opening the world back up after the RPG's ending, Lookout for its sizeable chunk of new land--but that's just one opinion...