The Settlers 7 Demo Released

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 22, 2010 6:30am PDT A demo-y taster of Ubisoft Blue Byte's city-building strategy game The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom can now be found in 2.56GB download over on FileShack.

The demo contains the map 'River Town' with victory point multiplayer, singleplayer vs. AI and free play modes, as well as a tutorial to get players up to speed on what's new.

Also included Ubisoft's controversial new DRM scheme--found in the full version too--that requires players be online at all times, so you can scope it out yourself.

The Settlers 7 will be released for PC and Mac tomorrow in North America.

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  • As long as Game Devs continue with this version of DRM, I will continue to not buy their games. Can't even believe that they forced their beta testers and now this Demo to have always-on internet connection.

    This is stupid. How does having an internet connection defeat pirating? I don't want any software apps, other than my IM or my Browser, knowing and accessing my internet when they are not required to.

    This would be like Microsoft Word application forcing us to have an always-on internet connection before we could type up a document.

    Whole thing is ludicrous and needs to be stopped ASAP.