MAG Getting Free 'Trooper Gear Pack' DLC

By Garnett Lee, Mar 19, 2010 10:50am PDT MAG, the PS3-exclusive online shooter boasting up to 256 players at a time, plans to drop some free gear on its players starting Thursday, March 25. On their blog developer Zipper Interactive announced the "Trooper Gear Pack" which will be the first downloadable add-on for the game.

So, what's in this field resupply? For starters, new special edition light machine guns for each of the game's three private military contractors (PMC's). Raven gets the APEX 100SE; for SVER it's the RTK-74 VLa; and Valor takes the Mk46 Mod 1. Besides offering a new look, these new guns also have their own performance specs. Trooper Gear also includes the addition of flash bang grenades, a staple of tactical shooters useful for stunning an entrenched enemy before making a rush. And, as has become the norm for DLC packs, there's two new uniforms.

To get the party started with the new stuff Zipper also plans to double experience points earned in the game starting that Thursday and running through the weekend until 11:59pm Pacific time Sunday March 28. They offered a friendly reminder to stick with any games you're in to get the bonus, quit early and you won't get the 2x multiplier.

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  • I love how this game takes familiar weapons and changes their just enough to make them look interesting, but still like they could be built during modern times. More games need to do this imo. Im tired of seeing the same looking weapon..

    Also, they need to port this to PC.

    Also, in spite of all the smug looks this is getting from people, how many PC games support 256? Say what you want about the PCs hardware, but the fact is that many console developers are getting increasingly creative and doing things that the PC has never seen. Look at counter strike. How much as that changed in the last decade? Hardly at all?

    The PC hardly has any exclusive multilayer FPS games. Between all the problems caused by DRM and hardware issues, gaming on the PC isn't exactly a smoothe experience. It's puzzling how so many PC gamers don't mind spending 2 hours searching google for what "error 14343.dx_54 error could not finf Dx343_54_xxx56.dl" or some shit means. And yes, im a PC gamer as well.