Morning Discussion

Here is a selection of stuff I done saw and did liked:

Digital: A Love Story is a brilliant "computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988." Centred around BBSs, Digital features love, hacking, phreaking, mystery and a whole lot of splendidness. I'm pushed for time so I can't write more but Amiga Power's Kieron Gillen wrote some nice words over on Rock Paper Shotgun. We have the Windows, Mac and Linux versions mirrored on FileShack.

This child says he is fat and nobody likes him but I do. He is a liar, which I don't like.

I forgot to mention earlier this week that a video replay of Team Liquid's first StarCraft 2 'Liquibition' exhibition match is now online. It is.

Lovely podcast Shift Run Stop continues to close its pincers around Armando Iannucci by infiltrating his circle of colleagues.

I ran out of time. Here's your Morning Discussion. Be happy--it's Friday.

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