Supreme Commander 2 Xbox 360 Videos: Controls and Multiplayer Action

By Brian Leahy, Mar 17, 2010 9:00pm PDT RTS games on consoles usually require unique control schemes to work. Gas Powered Games and Square-Enix's Supreme Commander 2 makes use of radial menus for the Xbox 360 version, which was released today.

Here's a video showing off how the game handles on a controller.

If you want even more SupCom 2 action, click through for a look at an entire multiplayer match, time-lapsed to highlight the action.

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  • My personal compare and contrast of Sup Com 1 vs Sup Com 2...with all comments being about the latter.

    a. a small hardcore sup com 1 crowd
    b. a different publisher
    c. Chris Taylor losing his edge, or just being a master at marketing anything like the late Billy Mays
    d. we're hard to please
    e. everyone's going for simpler games, why should they be the exception?
    f. Where the FUCK are my anti air flak Tech 2 defenses?
    g. Where's the fucking monkeylord?
    h. at least the performence is better, right?
    i. Why are the aircraft in square formations?
    j. Why do the aircraft hover and never land?
    k. Why can't you recharge shields anymore with engineers?
    l. Where did my subcommanders go?
    m. Since when did experimental units become a "oh...big deal, I'll use a few gunships to tear it down" type of unit?
    n. Why doesn't the fat boy have a fat shield attached to his ass while simultaneously building units?
    o. Why is setans clutch now the size of the former Fields of Isis? Which is now the size of my mousepad...
    p. Tech 3 anti air...anyone?
    q. Why do gunships have more health than a tank?
    r. why are all the point defenses the same except with different names?
    s. Where are the tech 2 point defenses? Those were cool :(
    t. Why are the nukes for all the sides the same? They used to be different...and cool....
    u. Why can't a King Kryptor step on a midget tank and CRUSH it? Seriously...why did they get rid of that?
    v. Tech 2 or 3...or even one different type of power plant?
    w. Why did I buy this game?
    x. Why is there only one 4v4 map?
    y. Where is the mod support?
    z. I just realized how many steps backward this game was :(

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