Metroid: Other M Intro is CG Retelling of the End of Super Metroid

Correction: The intercut sequences from Super Metroid were included for Sakamoto's presentation and are not actually in the game. The editing was meant to show the recreation in CG, but the scene is a retelling of the end of Super Metroid.

Shown to attendees of GDC 2010, Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto showed an intro cinematic from Metroid: Other M, which takes place after the events of the Super Nintendo's Super Metroid and the Game Boy Advance's Metroid Fusion.

The cinematic began with footage directly from the end of Super Metroid, right when Samus has been weakened and Mother Brain is gearing up to kill her. The baby Metroid (all-grown up) saves Samus and begins draining Mother Brain's energy. nope

As the Metroid goes to heal Samus, we're treated to an all-new computer generated cinematic through Samus' visor. Mother Brain springs up and attacks it, dropping Samus in the process. Samus, powered up by Mother Brain's energy from the Metroid, finally counterattacks. Switching between CG and Super Metroid footage throughout, it's a gorgeous scene showcasing a great mix of nostalgia and exciting new CG.

Hopefully, the game--developed not by Nintendo, but Ninja Gaiden veterans Team Ninja--will mirror the effect of the introductory cinematic, and hopefully we'll have a copy of the cinematic before Metroid: Other M (Wii) arrives in North America on June 27.