Morning Discussion: Scrap Metal

Today's Morning Discussion is not brought to you by the letters BT--if it were, dear Alice wouldn't be on her fifth consecutive day of wonky Internet connectivity and I wouldn't be penning Morning D in some half-awake state. Cheers to you, British Telecom.

In other news, Scrap Metal is now available as an Xbox 360 download. It's a top-down combat racer--imagine a cross between R.C. Pro-Am and Twisted Metal--and I've really enjoyed what I've played thus far. The various missions--sometimes you're going after one specific target, sometimes you're just straight-up racing--mix things up enough so that things don't get too mundane, plus unlocking / upgrading / customizing all the different cars has an oddly addictive hook. My first car? Pink with a big donut on top.

Is it worth the 1200 Microsoft Points / $15? I'm not sure, I haven't put in enough time to really say, but if you're interested, that free demo is certainly worth checking out.

Update: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. No, I live on as a couch-surfing techno-hobo relying on the kindness of strangers." - Alice

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