Assassin's Creed 2 PC Launch Trailer

By Brian Leahy, Mar 09, 2010 11:00am PST The belated PC edition of Ubisoft Monreal's Assassin's Creed II, released in Europe last week, is arriving this week in North America. Thus, a launch trailer approaches:

Due to denial of service attacks against publisher Ubisoft, a small number of players have been experiencing problems when attempting to play the game, which utilizes the company's new DRM and requires a constant Internet connection to Ubisoft's servers.

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  • "They will do whatever they want no matter how it sells/doesn't sell". Of course not.
    They are here for the money and they are not stupid. If their games don't sell because of this DRM nonsense they will get rid of it and try something else. It's that simple. Of course it will take time, they will try to strongarm us for at least a couple games and a couple months.. But if a couple of their blockbusters bomb because of that they will reevaluate their approach.

    Vote with you wallet.
    If you let these kind of things happen it can only get worse with time. One of these days you'll have to slit your wrists and feed your PC with your own blood just to play your games and everybody will find that normal because "that's the way it is" and "publishers will do whatever they want. " No they won't, but it only depends on you.