Developer of Black Has New FPS: Bodycount

BOOM widget 126074 The new first-person shooter coming from Codemasters Guildford and former Black designer Stuart Black is titled Bodycount.

While it has been known that Black was working on a game for Codemasters, no details had been revealed until today. A news story intended to run with the newest issue of OXM UK, which includes a cover-story on the game, gave us the game's title. That post has since been removed, but not before being cached by Google. (Thanks, Destructoid!)

Details are light, but OXM referred to Bodycount as a "spectacular and frankly mental" FPS, noting "if you like shooting guns in games you are going to really, really love it."

Black, developed by Burnout veterans Criterion and released in 2006, looked exceptional for running on PlayStation 2 and Xbox hardware, but was mostly forgotten with the release of the Xbox 360. No platforms for Bodycount have been confirmed, though an Xbox 360 version is assured, given its appearance in the UK's Official Xbox Magazine.