Exclusive: League of Legends Champion Reveal and Giveaway

By Brian Leahy, Mar 03, 2010 12:00pm PST Shacknews is happy to exclusively reveal a new champion for Riot Games' free-to-play hero arena game League of Legends.

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, is a fighter type champion and based entirely upon skill-shots and will require some clever micromanagement to utilize at full-potential.

Additionally, Shacknews and Riot Games will provide five lucky commentors, chosen by Shacknews, with special skins and Runes to be used in League of Legends. To enter, comment in this story on how you would use Ezreal in the game (game account required). For more info, be sure to keep reading for a full character profile and descriptions for all of Ezreal's abilities.

Ezreal was born with the gift of magic flowing through his veins. However, Ezreal was also born with a much stronger sense of wanderlust. Though enrolled in Piltover's most acclaimed school for skilled young techmaturgists, Ezreal quickly became bored with magical studies. By the time the boy genius was eight years old, he had fully mapped out the underground tunnels of Piltover. The quality of his work was so remarkable that the government of Piltover purchased his maps and commissioned his services as the city-state's Master Pathfinder. This sealed the deal for Ezreal's true calling - he would eschew the arcane arts in favor of archaeology. Since then, countless adventures of his have been romanticized and published.

One of Ezreal's more recent adventures brought him face-to-face with his other legacy - his latent magical power. While exploring the pyramids of the Shurima Desert, Ezreal uncovered an amulet of inestimable power. He barely managed to extract it from its sandy abode due to its sheer magnitude (it was made for a being easily twice Ezreal's size). After fervent investigation, he found that it allowed the wielder to control and shape magical energy - provided there was a source of magic nearby. This permitted Ezreal to tap into his latent magical abilities without having to put any serious effort into it - a "big win", as the young prodigy notes. The lingering drawback is that, for some unknown reason, the amulet is highly attuned to summoning magic. This means that without warning, Ezreal may find himself acting as a champion for, as he puts it, "a summoner hell-bent on resolving some irrelevant world-shattering League conflict." Still, Ezreal feels that being summoned to a Field of Justice on occasion is a small price to pay for his prized artifact.

"There's little time to study ancient, musty tomes when you're busy trying to find them."



Ezreal is an entirely skill-shot based champion:

Mystic Shot

Ezreal fires a bolt of energy. If it strikes an enemy unit, it reduces all of Ezreal's cooldowns.

Essence Flux

Ezreal fires a fluctuating wave of energy, damaging enemies and reducing their attack speed. This also heals allies and increases their attack speed.

Arcane Shift

Ezreal teleports to a nearby target location and fires a homing arrow which strikes the nearest enemy unit.

Trueshot Barrage

Ezreal channels to fire a powerful barrage of energy missiles, which do massive damage to each unit they pass through (barrage deals less damage to each successive unit it passes through).

Rising Spell Force (passive)

Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed for several seconds.

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  • I play in Europe LoL
    Account name: Vegnagun
    Summoner name: Cerebrel

    How i would play Ezreal: To me it seems like he can be played in numerous ways but i would play him as a Dps, focusing to synergise his passive for damage rather than stacking Ap.

    Why? because 75% atk speed bonus with Damage items would be beastly. Combined with Gunisoo it would be easy to reach Cap atk speed.

    Runes: stack crit chance and mana regen
    Masteries: 21/ 9/ 0 ( notable masteries would be Deaadliness, Sunder and Lethality ) ( resistance & hardiness)
    reasoning: The faster you atk the higher the chance crits will appear as you have more chances to hit, thereotically speaking if crit chance was at 30% with max atk speed that 30% chance is more than enough to create amazing burst damage.

    Item build: Avarice Blade, Mobility boots, Gunisoo, Zeal - Phantom Dancer, BloodThirster or Infinity Edge, Phage-Frozen Mallet,

    reasoning, Dorans for early game survival, Mobility boots for going to diffrent lanes to gank, Gunisoo synergises well with his passive, PD for the crit chance, Infinity for extra crit damage and Frozen mallet for suvival

    The skills i would level up first is Arcane then have 1 skill point in the other two, then max out Mystic Shot then even it out withe essence and arcane while adding the skil point in his ulti when it is avaliable.

    To play Dps Ezreal well hitting his skill shots 90% of the time is a must to stack his passive and proc gunisoos stacks, the way i would dominate other champions woud be Arcane shift ->Essence Flux -> Mystic Shot and with crit chance runes + avarice blade and the increased atk speed from his passive + gunisoo would greatly create gamebreaking burst damage.

    He will shine during the laning phase moving to top and bottom lanes to gank.

    I see him as a Ganker, i would hide in the brush ping an enemy champion to let my allies know to be ready then follow up with the devastating burst damage.

    In Team battles he would have to play alot like shaco, go in spam skills then go out, His ulti would be used as crowd control rather than damage to seperate the oppsing team, unless they decide to stay in the hitbox then a chuck of their hp would be taken out. After his ulti is used Arcane shift to nearst low hp champ, essence flux allies if needed or enemies if your team is not losing so much hp then Mystic shot, again this woud proc his passive and gunisoos creating unimagniabe atk speeds for 5 seconds of full out Critical burst damage.

    Summoner Skill: Exhaust and Flash have always been favorites of mines, especially for gankers as it allows to go in and out of battle. Flash can also be used with Arcane shift if needed to move a considerable distance away or towards the opponent.

    I also see some potential for trick shots with the combination of arcane shift flash and mystic shot, even allowing for multiple kills, ( arcane shift to a oppnent champ that is about to die -> Mystic shot if needed then flash to another opponent with the passive and gunisoo counter still up so to continue the length of his burst damage)

    This would be the way i play Ezreal, it wont be easy though as it requires the user to rely on his skillshots however i have been a veteran of dota and played over 200 games in LoL, and im very confident in my skillshots. In the right hands this build would be OP however only so many people are able to reach the skill level needed.

  • I will play Ezreal as a caster rather than a hybrid, whilst still playing to the strengths of his passive a bit.

    -Summoner Spells-
    Cripple - Ezreal has no form of crowd control from his abilities, and this will help immensely with getting that first blood.
    Clairvoyance - Map awareness is always nice, especially when you can potentially use your abilities through the walls of the jungle, being skillshots after all.

    9 x Greater Mark of Insight (Red - 8.55 Magic Penetration)
    9 x Greater Glyph of Focus (Blue - 5.85% cooldown reduction)
    9 x Greater Seal of Regeneration (Yellow - .99 Mana regeneration per level)
    3 x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (Quintessence - 4.5% movement speed)

    Archmage's Savvy (3/3)
    Cripple (1/1)
    Sorcery (4/4)
    Archaic Knowledge (1/1)

    Perseverance (3/3)
    Good Hands (1/3)
    Awareness (4/4)
    Meditation (3/3)
    Utility Mastery (2/2)
    Quickness (3/3)
    Intelligence (3/3)
    Mystical vision (1/1)
    Presence of the Master (1/1)

    This build gives some much needed cooldown reduction, 9% total, as well as the 15% magic penetration and presence of the master. These masteries give that mix of hitting harder, more frequently, and lane staying power that is hard to pass up as any caster.

    -Skill Order-
    1 - Mystic Shot
    2 - Arcane Shift
    3 - Mystic Shot
    4 - Essence Flux

    From here on Trueshot Barrage > Mystic Shot > Essence Flux > Arcane Shift

    One point in Arcane shift should last until late game, used primarily for the short range teleport.

    -Item Build-
    Sapphire Crystal and your choice of potion to start.
    Catalyst the Protector
    Sorcerer's Shoes
    Rod of Ages
    Mejai's Soulstealer
    Zhonya's Ring

    If the game goes on longer the next choice likely depends on the enemy. If they are stacking more than 50 resist perhaps a Haunting Guise, if they have lots of physical dps then perhaps a Frozen Heart if nobody else on your team got one. If you don't lack a thing a Deathfire Grasp would be a good choice.

    -Laning Phase-
    Farm minions with your normal attacks, harassing any enemy champions that come into range of your Mystic Shot. With a few well placed Mystic shots you can keep them from being able to farm at all, ensuring a late game advantage. If they don't take the hint to well and you harassing gets them low on life, go for the kill, just be certain to save enough mana to use arcane shift to flash away in case things go wrong.

    -Team Fights-
    This largely depends on how the enemies are grouped up. If in a nice cluster, open up with an Essence Flux and Trueshot Barrage. If they are not Mystic Shot and play it safe until a good opportunity for using your Trueshot Barrage and Essence Flux presents itself. What a good situation for using them is largely depends on the team compositions the exact scenario you are presented. Practice makes perfect.

  • Account Name : Legionaire
    Summoner Name : IronLegion
    This is truly a unique champ combining a mage with DPS qualities hasn't been done in a champ before so I look forward to seeing how people will handle him as with most mages however he will most likely lack the "oomf" to begin early on going mainly DPS so people will most likely start off with a Meki pendent before getting into the DPS portion of him. I also look forward to seeing the exact range of his abilities will they prove too short or too long and if they are how will riot balance his ability range without destroying his trueshot qualities? However most of all I look forward to seeing how his Ult works so far from the descriptions I'm seeing him teleing in after his team unleashing it and scoring an ace easy, but I wonder what the twist will be to his Ult cause so far I don't see a single champ with a restriction or drawback on their Ult whether it be being stationary throughout its duration or being able to be interrupted during channeling. So far I am excited and look forward to seeing how Ezreal will impact the matches overall.

  • Account Name: DeanKeaton259

    I think I'd first try Ezreal with an AP/DPS type build. I'd probably start out with a meki pend or a sapphire crystal as my first item. From there I would make sheen and chalice. For boots, it would depend on what type of team we're up against. If we're up against a lot of cc, then mercury treads would be the obvious choice. If not, then boots of swiftness, berzerker greaves, or boots of mobility would all be possible choices. It's difficult to say having not yet played Ezreal.

    For the rest of the items I would go for meja's soulstealer(asap), rylais crystal scepter for the slow, and perhaps roa, or banshees veil, and lich bane of course. Zonaya's ring could also be a possibility.

    For runes, I'd go Red: Magic Pen | Yellow: HP/LV | Quints: Flat HP | Blue: Flat CD Reduction.

    For masteries, I'd go 9/0/21

    For summoner skills, I'd go Flash and Teleport. Ghost/Cleanse, Ghost/Flash, or Ghost/Flash/Clarity could also work.

  • Summoner Name: Arizel
    Level: 30
    Games Played: About 500

    During my time as a League of Legends player, I've read a few backstories here and there even though they were really not important to me at all. Out of all of them, Teemo's backstory is probably the most bone chilling one, especially when comparing the small little mass murderer's demeanor and voice... But as for Ezreal (God the name sounds so close to mine, it even also uses 6 letters!), I find his backstory to be perfectly fine with one exception. When describing the properties of the Magical Artifact/Amulet and explaining its drawback to suddenly be summoned to the field of justice, I think it would be prudent to be specific on who could take advantage of that summoning magic. I mean, what if a Summoner summons Ezreal to do his dishes or do any number of other menial tasks? What if a random chaotic magical force summons Ezreal into a pit of lava, or into the dark void from whence Cho'Gath came? While off paper, we would assume Ezreal will only be summoned by summoners interested in solving some dispute on the fields of justice, on paper, it sounds like he could be summoned for any reason imaginable. On another note I do love this quote about how he views summoners, I think it describes most of the player base in an accurate fashion: ""a summoner hell-bent on resolving some irrelevant world-shattering League conflict.""

    Ezreal's abilities look very very interesting. As a player that mainly plays AP based mage champions, Ezreal looks like he is a step in a direction that would require me to improve my skills. Mystic Shott looks nice for both harassment and farming in the laning phase. Essence Flux looks to be very very strong if the cooldown is relatively low. An Ability that heals allies, damages enemy champions in an AOE AND debuffs them while buffing allies? Wow, anti DPS here I come. Arcane shift sounds like a mage's version of Shaco's decieve. If it actually dodge's projectiles, I would venture to say that this spell is going to be considered very very overpowered. Otherwise it looks good for utility uses such as ganking, escaping, chasing.... basically movement related. Trueshot barrage sounds like Ashe's ultimate only it hits everything it goes through but doesn't stun them. With an item such as Rylai's scepter however, I can see this spell dealing a lot of damage and can prevent enemy teams from escaping easily.... this is of course assuming that this spell has infinite range like Ashe's Enchanted Crystal. Ezreal's passive, rising spell force, needs a different name in my opinion. The current name sounds like a placeholder. As for it's function, it sound's like Udyr's without the dodge bonuses. Depending on the bonus's given and if Ezreal is ranged or melee, this passive may need to either be relatively weak if he is ranged or relatively strong if he is melee.

    As for actual use in game, he sounds like a nice harasser and team supporter. I can see builds including rylai's scepter and several guinsoo's rage blades to capitalize on his passive ability. As for boots, I was suggest either mercury treads or boots of swiftness/mobility. Chalice of harmony sounds nice to have to never run out of mana and harassment, or even Nashor's tooth if one would want to invest in more cooldown as well. Depending on his attack type (ranged or melee) I'd say that he could be a good soloer but a better double laner. He definitely isn't the hero that would initiate battle because of his lack of inherent crowd control, but other than that, he seems to be a secondary damage dealing caster/DPS. Kind of like Teemo who is a DPS/Caster :P.

    Masteries would sound something like 9/0/21 without question. Spell pen and AP for the offensive masteries and Experience and mana regen are key for the utility tree.

    Summoner spells.... Flash is always a good choice, but I can definitely see Exhaust and Ignite being very useful as well. Without seeing his base stats, I can't really comment on heal or clarity for his survivability.

    As for Runes, I think he can capitalize on magical penetration, some fortitude quints, mana regen seals, and flat AP glyphs or even magic resist glyphs for more survivability.

    I can't wait until Ezreal is released. I'm already saving the IP for him. I can definitely see him costing EPIC tier of 6300 IP and 975 RP.

    Good Job with this one Riot.


  • He seems like he would play very similar to Ashe (an ashe player with flash and heal). He definitely will be huge on taking mana and ap. He will also be good at getting a last hit like heim. Since he doesn't start with a slow, though, his ability to gank seems not so desirable. Rylai's Crystal Scepter should definitely be a first priority for him turn his harrassing from "annoying" to "WTF???!! Ashe reincarnate??" I'm glad to not see even more heros with stuns, gets to be a bit old when your whole team is getting ganked by stunners. The hero definitely has some potential, hopefully his mana cost and cooldowns wont be too excessive (especially considering he'll be around level 11 before he's able to afford the Rylai's Crystal Scepter and then truly be affective against squishy to mid range heros.

  • How excited am I for Ezrael...
    A psionic ranger style champion.

    Ranged DPS (which I have specifically avoided playing until this point) with Mage blended in, and entirely based on skillshots?

    YOWZA. This is the guy who lets you prove your 1337 skillz. And hone them.

    Rageblade, how thy shine will be seen! Is it your Sheen? For more burst?
    These exceptions aside, it's difficult to tell whether or not to focus on Attack Damage items or Ability Power. Namely - do you get a Trinity Force or a Lich Bane?

    The first, shining, synergy that comes to my mind is that of Arcane Shift-ing into an already firex Essence Shift. Naturally, one will require prodigial reflexes to achieve such a feat... but a triple attackspeed boost (from Arcane Shift hitting a target and from Essence Shift both hitting a target and yourself) seems like quite a hefty reward for such skill.

    This factor alone seems to make Critical Strike Chance/Damage like a highly worthwhile stat to invest in. Burst damage in spades, through nukes and crits... and a quick get-away that fuses Riftwalk with Hatespike... My oh my.

    Now Mystic Shot is the other half of this equation. Each time you land one, you know more hurt will be pummeling outwards with brevity. Does this mean that you get just enough CDR to use Mystic Shot as often as possible, and let it take care of the rest, or focus entirely on other items?

    Ezrael seems like a potent force as a solo character, being able to harass like no other, and, with proper skill, keep himself healed while he does it! But give him an adventuring buddy who also benefits from Essence Shift? Or another poor simp to also devastate with Trueshot Barrage?
    That's twice the glee, really.

    What gear would this hell-bent on solving a world-shattering league conflict summoner (account name: TheLorax, summoner name: Chthulu) arm Ezreal with?

    How about a Brutalizer and Rageblade, Boots (Sorcerer's, Mercury's or Ninja's, depending on the foes), Infinity Edge, Banshee's Veil, and perhaps a Stark's Fervor. This as a general, all purpose, build, varying depending on the other champions on the field.

    Phantom Dancer, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and Trinity Force certainly all potentially might see inclusion. A Mystic Chalice, I'm sure, could also help Ezrael, and not just in the midst of the parched Shurmia.

    Arcane Shifting into your already travelling Essence Shift as it reaches the other side of your foes, mid skirmish, only to unload a painful Trueshot Barrage and Mystic Shot in rapid succession.

    There's no way this boy wonder won't get targeted.
    That's why, thanks to Arcane Shift, he won't be there.

    So do it again.

  • In game name: SFtheWolf

    I would love to play this character, and when I do, I will do everything I can think of to play him completely contrary to his intended use. It's hard to say ahead of time what that will be, but one example might be heavily stacking on nothing but AP and then hiding in brush, then using Ignite and the Deathfire Grasp along with every skill at once to assassinate unsuspecting opponents without revealing myself (because his skills aren't directly targeted).

    Aside from that, all cooldown reduction looks fun.

  • Account: Circio

    Ezreal definitely looks like he will be interesting to play. He is a very good candidate for a hybrid build, grabbing items like Rageblade and Lichbane to use him to his fullest. Rylai's and Vampiric Scepter also look like they will be key items to grab as the game progresses.

    For skills, I would definitely grab Essence Flux for my first skill. It is a much better starting choice (depending on mana cost) compared to Mystic Shot, because you can only take full advantage of everything Mystic Shot gives you by having other abilities for it to reduce their cool downs. That said, a typical skill build would start out like this:

    1. Essence Flux
    2. Mystic Shot
    3. Arcane Shift
    4. Mystic Shot
    5. Mystic Shot
    6. Trueshot Barrage

    After that, my skill order would depend on how the skills work (Do CDs get reduced as the skills level up?), who my opponents are (If I'm facing lots of melee, I would want a powerful Essence Flux early on to slow down their attack speed), and mana costs of the spells.

    Ezreal will play differently depending on whether he has a ranged or melee basic attack. If his basic attack is ranged, he can play as a ranged dps that has a very strong ability to position himself where he needs to be. Early on, he can harass with his skill shots, while using his auto-attack to last hit. In team fights, his combination of auto-attacks and skill shots should be able to take out a decent portion of a target's hp. If the opposing team goes to focus him, he can use Arcane Shift to reposition himself behind the safety of his tank.

    If Ezreal has a melee basic attack, he will need to play a bit more conservatively early game. He can attempt to use his skill shots to keep opponents back while he melees creep for last hits, or he can use his skill shots to grab last hits. In a team fight, he could use Arcane Shift to enter the fight, blow both of his skill shots to up his attack speed, then start meleeing an opposing squishy. Good positioning on the initial Arcane Shift would be important so that Ezreal could place himself past the opponent's tank and in position to start attacking one of the squishier targets.

    All-in-all, Ezreal looks like he will definitely be a fun champion to try out and see how he plays. I'm looking forward to when he comes up on the test realm later today so I can give him a spin. :)

  • Account : Spanvro

    i would use Ezreal to harass my enemy with Mystic shot then go in with an arcane shift and exhaust them i would autoattack and keep using mystic shot since it is a skillshot it would be very difficult but i am very skilled with landing skill shots for example blitz grab. I then would end it with an ignite if they are still alive i would go around the forest and try to hit them with my mystic shot from the forest and get my kill. The passive on ezreal would help a lot when last hitting because you would be attacking minions faster and faster and especially for early lane harassment. As your auto attacking them the enemy will shrug it off but you will be attacking faster and faster this makes a great combo with rageblade for a good mid/late game kill. This is how i would use Ezreal in game to get a kill and farm.

  • account: bigzmanwins

    ezreal seems like one of those in and out turret divers with crazy burst damage and quick escape mechanisms with mystic shot and arcane shift combo. With that said, i think the most important item is the ryla's crystal scepter because even if he outdamage another champion in a 1v1 or 1v2, he can quickly chase them down and slow them for your team, while making a getaway if necessary. Also with his essence flux, he can probably get behind the enemy team during a team fight and reduce the dps's atkspeed while blowing his ulti for massive aoe damage(sounds like twitch's ulti). Building him as pure nuke is the way to go imo. As for summoner spells i'd say flash ghost or ghost ignite.

  • This hero seems like a perfect mage! I am extremely excited about Ezreal, and this is how I will use him.

    I'd play him as a "waiting in the wings" support mage. Ideally I will use Mystic Shot in the laning phase to pressure opposing heroes and getting killshots with Arcane Shift. During the mid-phase I would try and set up ganks with Arcane Shift and Essence Flux. Essence Flux becomes one of the most important abilities for Ezreal's endgame with a blend of disable and heal to help turn the tide of battle. Essence Flux a few seconds into the fight to take full advantage of the slow and heal aspects of the spell and finish it off with a little Trueshot Barraging of their faces.

    All in all, this hero sounds fantastic and I haven't been this excited for a new hero since Nidalee. Great job with the concept and with this promotion.

    See you guys in Summoner's Rift!

    Account name: Envy7x
    Summoner name: Selenar

  • After reading those skills sets, I would use Ezreal as an offensive nuking hero. He is a perfect hero killer, and could be unstoppable. There are many ways to play Ezreal, I choose Spell Nuker.

    My idea of the spell rotations would be to use Arcane Shift to blink in on the enemy as a starter and cast Essence Flux and his ultimate spell Trueshot Barrage one after the other and finish with the Mystic Shot.

    Arcane Shift > Essence Flux > Trueshot Barrage > Mystic Shot > Auto Attack > Repeat

    But if that's not enough the auto attack will work perfectly to pick off the hero until the next set of spells cooldown to be used again since Mystic Shot being used last will shorten the cooldowns of all the other spells used earlier.

    As for the item sets, just like my favorite hero Kassadin, also played as a nuker, I would build as a caster set with mild attack damage/attack speed items to take effect from his passive ability.

    A core item is Guinsoo's Rageblade for the AD, AP, and AS/AP bonus passive buffs. To add to that is Nashor's tooth for the AS and AP bonus and cooldown for some really wicked attack speed and more spell burst.

    Definitely need Rylai's Scepter for a slow-snaring ability since he doesn't own one. And the basic Mejai's Soulstealer for being such a good carry hero to build up stacks of AP.

    Balancing out items is more important than stacking one big stat, IMO. He's a magic user, stick with AP and it'll all be dealt with the power of magic.

    I will definitely play Ezreal as an offensive AP caster for massive burst damage.

  • Summoner: Kay Cappa

    He'd be decent in a team fight. Seeing as how skills shots usually have a longer range than most abilities, I'd hazard a guess that he could stay in a side lane, apart from the melee, shooting in his skill shots. If someone came over to attack you, I'd save my Arcane Shift as a free flash to go over yet another wall to get away from the agressors. He seems like a long range support that will be very hard to pin down in a team fight. This makes him a shoe in for full stacks of Mejais.
    The one thing I'd take issue with is that he doesn't seem to be all skill shots. Arcane Shift sounds like a cross between Fiddlesticks Crowstorm and Heimdingers rockets.

  • Account Name: ManiacMadMax
    Thanks for this sneak peak! Where to start. . . Ezrael's passive, combined with his abilities, SCREAM AP/DPS hybrid. Therefore, I'd play him as follows:
    First skill: Mystic shot. Grab a mana crystal and one of each potion and head to your lane. Play as a more conservative mundo early game, using Arcane shot to scout bushes, last hit minions too risky to get close to, and to generally harass. Level 2, grab Arcane Shift. From there, whenever you can, use arcane shift to hit a spot where you'll have a clear Q shot, for a 1-2-3 combo of shift, shot, autoattack.
    First trip back, trade your crystal in for a sheen. Boots if you can afford it. After that, work on rageblade, boots of swiftness (for faster chasing and lane changes), and then follow up with Rylai's. Finally, finish up your Lich Bane, and you should be good to go. If you're doing really well, grab yourself a BF sword before Lich Bane, to ensure your rapid fire hits hard. The key here is to use Shift and Shot combos with Rylai's to keep them in range of your shot and out of range with their melee, and Spamming Q every chance to proc sheen on them.

    Build priority would most likely be Trueshot barrage, Mystic Shot, Arcane shift, with only one point in Essence Flux until necessary, to add another sheen proc to your rotation and for extra teamfight utility. Ezreal's abilities, long range, and CDR in the form of Mystic shot mean he's going to be best played as a very slippery DPS. In teamfights, you'd want to let your team go first, Open with Trueshot/essence flux, then spam Q and autoattack, saving W to make you extra slippery in the event the enemy team realizes how much of a pain you are. Possibly throw a lifesteal item or two if you're getting harassed, to tack some regen onto your gatling gun attack speed.

    For Runes, Scaling attack damage, Mana Regen, and AP would probably be the way to go. For Quints, I'd probably keep with my love of Movespeed Quints, to make you, once more, even more slippery, and to make it nigh IMPOSSIBLE for your chosen target to escape. That, and Condon recommends them, and Not ONE of his guides has resulted in less than a 2:1 win ratio for me.

    Some would probably recommend Frozen mallet for survivability/slow in all honesty, it would be better to go with Rageblade/Rylai's, since Mystic Shot had a very short cooldown last I saw it in Screenshots, so keeping an enemy in range with Rylai's wouldn't be an issue.

    The benefits of said build would be the following:
    1. Spammable skills continuously buffing you with the passive and Lichbane
    2. Said spammable skills will slow, keeping enemy in range of autoattack with Rageblade, which would further increase attack speed and AP, making Lich bane procs even more potent.
    3. Between slow, movespeed, and Arcane Shift, if an enemy DOES decide to come after you, they'll have a horrible time trying to catch you.

    I don't think CDR would really be the way to go; it wouldn't be TERRIBLE, but given that his Q is a passive Cooldown reducer in its own right, Golem and Mystic shot would be more than enough to give you quick cooldowns.
    In short, spamming abilities to proc lichbane, faster attack speed and AP increases via rageblade, and rylai's so your ability spam keeps them nice and slow, while your movespeed keeps you well within/out of range.

  • Acct - DarkhawkX / Summoner - Dhx XIII

    I won't pretend to break down Ezreal's gameplay until we see some solid ratios. I will say it's nice to see a larger embrace of skillshots and hopefully this will translate into a high risk / high reward play experience. It's hard to say without knowing hitbox sizes or any other mechanics, but it's safe to say team spacing and area presence will play a huge roll in the success of this character, perhaps more so than any other.

    As for his backstory, I love the concept but the amulet gimmick falls a bit short. I'd prefer it if he was given more plausible motivation for testing his mettle against other champions. Still, a minor quibble in the end. The character design itself is very appealing.

  • In Game as: Gekkonidae

    Sweetass! This seems like an exciting new champion to play! Considering he's skill shot based, i'd think that he is probably fairly squishy. Here's how i'd play him: A build based on nearly no real knowledge save for what i've read here.

    Ezreal (The Prodigal Explorer):

    First and foremost I would play him aggressively, personally, because that's how I always play :P My ideal laning partners would be Ryze, Mordekaiser or Nidalee. Those champs (save for nida pre level 6) can clear lanes fairly quickly and have some beef to them. Ryze has great synergy with ANY other champ with the ability to clear lanes quickly. I think an atk speed build Master Yi could also take advantage of laning with him :)

    Skill order, i would go:

    Essence Flux right off the bat. Because his passive is that when a skill is used his atk spd is increased. The spell/skill itself ups your allies hp and atk spd, thus making your entire working force dish out hits at sexy speeds for early game farming/intimidating the enemy. After that i would start delving into mystic shot for the obvious reason being to reduce cooldowns. The order i would get them in would be as follows:

    1 Essence Flux
    2 Mystic Shot
    3 Mystic Shot
    4 Essence Flux
    5 Arcane Shift
    6 Trueshot Barrage
    7 Mystic Shot
    8 Essence Flux
    9 Arcane Shift
    10 Arcane Shift
    11 Trueshot
    blah blah blah

    I would play him solo mid but i would more than likely play it safe until the right time. This champion seems like he could kick some major arse given the right chance, but i wouldn't want to just run out there and get slaughtered. So until he were level 5 or so and had all 3 (minus his ultimate spell) abilities to "chain cast" i wouldn't be trying to go 'hercules' with him. You should ALWAYS play smart.

    Items, i would get the following in this order:

    Doran's Ring + 1 HP potion
    Boots -> Build into Mercury Treads
    Blasting Wand -> Build into Mejai's Soulstealer (for sweet massacre AP <3)
    Glacial Shroud -> Build into Frozen Heart (even more cooldown baby!! Pump out those spells!!!)
    Giants Belt -> Built into Rylai's Crystal Scepter (for teh horde!)
    Recruve Bow -> Build into Stark's Fervor (end game tower take-down-fun-for-all!!)

    I would probably go 21/0/9 in masteries
    Runes would probably be 3 HP quintessences for the boost in HP from the get-go, Magic Pen runes so my spells hurt more and finally some Dodge runes in yellow so i can evade some monster hits a weency bit! Or even MORE Cooldown Reduction :D

    Overall, how i would play him though:
    I would gank well, lane well and help my team to the best of my ability :) Even if that means i'm running to a nearly dead turret with 2 extremely wounded pals and their whole team ready to kill them!

  • Acct: FUJItheFISH

    Dorans Ring and health pot,
    That's how I start off,
    Give me solo mid,
    Or Imma queue dodge,

    Arcane Shift Mystic shot ,
    Finish with Trueshot Barrage,
    I'll be drawing first blood,
    You'll wish you never logged on,

    Bluepill for some shoes,
    With the money you gave me,
    Time to help my team out,
    WIth some timely ganking,

    Towers down and neutral buffs,
    Time to push mid,
    Throw a rally use some ults,
    There goes their last inhib,

    Ezreal for the win,
    You'll be crying I'm OP,
    Surrender at twenty-five,
    And save us all some time.

  • League of Legends Account Name: Sariun

    Ezrael appears to be a ganker / damage dealer with slight support as a side depending on his AP ratios. With the ability to essentially Flash to an escaping opponent or run away from a mob of enemy Champs. Decreasing enemy attack speed while increasing yours and nearby allies as well as healing them. Being able to lower his own CDs and having a strong damage dealing team fight Ultimate, he can bring quite a bit to the table.

    (This build is assuming his AP conversion for his skills isnt bad)

    (Offensive) Summoner Abilities: Exhaust / Ignite
    (Defensive) Summoner Abilities: Ghost / Exhaust

    Red: 9 x Greater Mark of Insight (+8.55 Magic Penetration)
    Blue: 9 x Greater Glyph of Focus (+5.85% CD Reduction)
    Yellow: 9 x Greater Seal of Clarity (+16.2 Mana Rege @ 18)
    Quintessence: 3 x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (+97.2 Hp)

    Before the game starts, ask for solo mid. If not possible, lane while weaving in and out the bushes to land his abilities. Start off with Sapphire Crystal and a Health Pot (to rush Rod of Ages). I would get Arcane Shift at 1 for a bit of safety to early harass or get the kill for people who over extend and try to get away. Essence Flux > Mystic Shot > Essence Flux > Mystic Shot > Trueshot Barrage would be my skill choice till 6.
    Once Rod of Ages is made, pick up Boots of Speed or build Mercury Treads (if a lot of CC) or Sorcerer's Shoes if the gold is there. Once into the thick of things, would have a Blasting Wand waiting to be built into Guinsoo's Rageblade. When the team fights become more forced, if our team is dominating, build Abyssal Scepter. If we're behind or doing poorly, a Banshee's Veil for more survivablity. If the game turns out being long and drawn out, a Zhonya's Ring to stack on the damage.
    With this build I'll mainly be playing around landing his skillshots as well as dealing a ton of damage during team fights. With his auto-attacks as an aside.

    Hopefully this Champion turns out to be my new main. Which I believe he will be since i'm so in love with skillshots. (Not half bad at landing them either.)