Report: Six Days in Fallujah Complete, Release Coming

Controversial shooter Six Days in Fallujah has been finished and will eventually be released, a source close to developer Atomic Games told IGN, though a new publisher has not been announced at this time.

Originally revealed by publisher Konami in April 2009, Atomic Games' Six Days in Fallujah looked to take a realistic look at modern warfare, specially looking at the recent battles that actually occurred in Fallujah. The game took place across six days with various units based upon real-life American forces.

nope Konami and Atomic spent a lot of time telling journalists (including myself) about how this game is respectful and realistic in its portrayel of real, American forces. Then, it was time to actually show the game. In my opinion, the gameplay looked rough, sloppy, and didn't actually include much of anything the developers had been referring to in the lead-up. It looked like any other war game and beyond some chatter between in-game soldiers, didn't do anything more realistic or respectful than other titles.

Many journalists, like the Shack's Nick Breckon, criticized the game and Konami's handling of its announcement. A few weeks later, Konami dropped the game. In August, rumors surfaced that the game's creative director had left and that the studio would be forced to close following massive layoffs.