Ubisoft Confirms Controversial New DRM System Being Used for Splinter Cell: Conviction on PC

By Garnett Lee, Feb 26, 2010 1:20pm PST Softpedia reports that the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction was on a list of titles planned to use Ubisoft's controversial new PC DRM system given to PC Gamer by a company representative. Also appearing there are Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, and the all new Ghost Recon game in development.

With Assassin's Creed 2 and Settler 7 already known to be using the system as well, Ubisoft appears resolute in its adoption of the new DRM for all PC projects going forward. As part of the comment, the Ubisoft representative said, "it's hard for us to say, yes, from now until the day that we all die all of our games are going to include this but most will."

At the heart of the matter is the requirement of an active connection to the internet, without which the game will not work at all. Serious as the threat piracy poses is, the deluge of responses indicate that such draconian measures miss the mark on two counts. Potential customers put off by the restriction may choose not to buy a game they might otherwise have and hackers inevitably find ways around the protections to steal the game anyway -- a point even the Ubisoft representative was resigned to. [thanks Shacker retarded talking dinosaur for the tip]

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  • D.R.M....

    One of the biggest problems with Anti-Piracy Measures such as DRM, is that they hurt those of us that would have actually bought the game as well.

    Safedisc, SecuRom, DRM. Things that get in the way even if you legitimately go out and buy the game. Safedisc and SecuRom for example prevent games from working if you have Emulation Software AT ALL on your PC. The only way to get around it, is to crack (essentially hack) the game. (Star Wars Battlefront II was a prime example of this).

    And now we're seeing DRM that REQUIRES you to be connected to the internet to play a SINGLE PLAYER only game...

    A lot of people buy single player games on PC because they don't have a solid (or stable) internet connection...

    If you like Single Player games for your laptop this one's not for you :P

    The Result = Sadly, if You want to play games with these kind of Anti-Piracy Measures without issues... You're better off downloading a pirated ALREADY cracked version of the game, that will work efficiently, (because you're going to have to find the crack to get it to work anyway).