Supreme Commander 2 Pre-Loading Begins on Steam

By Brian Leahy, Feb 25, 2010 5:30pm PST Valve have announced that Gas Powered Games and Square-Enix's Supreme Commander 2 is now available for pre-loading ahead of the strategy game's March 2, 2010 release date. A demo of the game was released on Steam yesterday along with confirmation that the game will utilize Steamworks for DRM.

Gas Powered Games have released two new trailers, showing off some more experimental units. First up, the Noah Unit Cannon:

Next, we have the Universal Colossus:

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  • Anyways, GPG is a bunch of fail. SupCom2 is probably the best example of a multi format release and why they suck 99.8555% of the time.
    The interface is junk, the textures/shaders are junk, even the ground textures are crap. The build tree makes me cry. The resource "system" is ridiculous...

    The only time I was ever that dissapointed playing a game was back in 1992 or 93 when I bought Final Fantasy mystic quest and realized it was a dumbed down kiddy version of Final Fantasy.

    When this game sucks hard for sales I look forward to GPG/chris taylor BS excuse why it didn't sell like hotcakes.

    SupCom2 sucks seven kinds of ____. The end.