Gods & Heroes MMO Revived by Heatwave

By Chris Faylor, Feb 22, 2010 9:10am PST After being put on "indefinite hold" by defunct developer Perpetual in October 2007, mythological MMO Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising has now been resurrected.

Heatwave Interactive today announced that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to Gods & Heroes along with all game assets, including the two game engines Perpetual had created for Gods & Heroes and Star Trek Online. Shortly after halting work on Gods & Heroes, Perpetual shut down and the Star Trek Online rights went to Cryptic.

Also acquired was a license for the "online game publishing technology" PlayGrid Platform, with PlayGrid having been co-founded by Pepertual veteran Chris McKibbin.

No timeframe for the revived Gods & Heroes was provided, with McKibbin noting that "we at PlayGrid are thrilled to see Rome rise again with the Heatwave team." Thus far, Heatwave has released the iPhone App iSamJackson, and plans to launch its musician life simulator Platinum Life on "social networks and the web" in March 2010. A massively multiplayer game based on Platinum Life is currently in development as well.

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  • I was in the closed beta for a while and while the game had some good ideas the actual implimentation was lacking. The gameplay was the same old tired EverQuest model and the graphics were average with so-so performance.

    One of the big features of the game, every player having a squad NPCs, got nerfed down from nine NPCs/squad to about two or three. It was mostly due to technical reasons, four or five players with a handful of NPCs each would have made the game crash, so maybe current hardware could pull it off.

    The other big feature, unique combat animations, didn't work correctly many times.

    Interesting to see what the new owner can do with the game/IP. Tolkein-style fantasy has gotten very stale for me and a "swords and sandels" setting would be very welcome.