Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Media Introduces Suicidal Dwarf Sigrun

BOOM widget 93570 New Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening screenshots and a trailer reveal the grim ally Sigrun, a casteless dwarf determined to die in battle and so leave the shamed Legion of the Dead in BioWare's RPG expansion pack.

A suicidal party member might sound like hard work but BioWare assures that Sigrun "craves a chance to prove she is more than a worthless gutter-rat" and "also has a huge chip on her shoulder, and she plans on taking out as many enemies as possible" before she snuffs it--handy when you're facing ghost dragons and intelligent Darkspawn.

Priced at $40, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 16 in North America then March 19 in Europe.

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