The Settlers 7 Gets More DRM Details, New Trailer, Digital-Only Gold Edition

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom publisher Ubisoft has announced a 'Gold Edition' of Blue Byte's city-building strategy and released a new trailer covering its 'Victory Points' system, while further details have surfaced of its implentation of Ubisoft's new DRM.

The $60 download-only Gold Edition boasts an "exclusive" map, original soundtrack and extra castle customisation options "including a gate, balcony, bay, gargoyle and two windows," hitting PC and Mac on March 23 alongside the $50 regular edition.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has told Ars Technica that while its new DRM requires Settlers 7 players be online at all times, unlike Assassin's Creed 2--which shuts down and sends players back to the last checkpoint if they go offline--it will pause until they reconnect then continue "at the exact point where the connection was lost."

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