'Make Something Unreal' Contest Winners Crowned

Unreal and Gears of War developer Epic Games has unveiled the ultimate winners of its latest Unreal Tournament modding contest 'Make Something Unreal.'

Horror shooter mod 'The Haunted' was named grand prize winner after several rounds of awards and eliminations, which Epic explains is due to "a winning formula of intense survival horror gameplay, rich multiplayer modes, and nightmarish themed graphics."


  1. The Haunted - Michael Hegemann and Team.
  2. The Ball (UDK Standalone) - Toltec Studios
  3. Angels Fall First: PlanetStorm - AFF Team
  4. Prometheus (UDK Standalone) - Rachel Cordone
  5. Hazard: The Journey of Life - Alexander Bruce

Both The Ball and Prometheus are available as standalone versions powered by the Unreal Development Kit. Toltec is also working on a commercial version of The Ball.

The Haunted's developer will receive $50,000 and a commercial Unreal Engine 3 license, to use as they see fit. Previous winner Tripwire Interactive is currently using its prize license to develop a commercial sequel to its winning mod Red Orchestra.