Free Shattered Horizon 'Moonrise' DLC Released

BOOM widget 93245Doubling the amount of maps in its zero-gravity multiplayer shooter Shattered Horizon (PC), developer Futuremark has unleashed the first of the promised free add-ons for the game.

The Moonrise content pack, as it's called, brings four new maps, as detailed below: BOOM video 4067

BOOM widget 93244DEADEYE
The M-75 COMSAT microwave communication dish kept transmitting throughout the massive destruction on the Moon, its systems failing only after backup battery power was depleted. The logs contain classified information of MMC operations that must not fall in ISA's hands.

BOOM widget 93246TEN STAR
Built in 2041, the Ten Star Hotel was a symbol of the wealth amassed by the oligarchs of the Moon mining business. A layer of golden radiation shielding covers what used to be the tower's upper structure. The opportunistic crew of an ISA scouting mission decide to collect some souvenirs - only to run into MMC scavengers already looting the ruins.

MINOTAUR, an MMC orbital recovery vehicle survived the Moon catastrophe unscathed. Too valuable to risk in combat, it performs salvage and recovery missions behind the front lines. The ISA sets up operation Theseus to lure the ship into an obstructed space and knock it out.

BOOM widget 93243SLINGSHOT
Mass driver transportation was the key to commercial logistics between the Moon and Earth. As the conflict in space escalates, these massive electromagnetic guns are now a threat looming in the orbit. If the ISA can secure all the intact mass drivers near the Moon, the balance of power will shift dramatically.