Street Fighter IV Hitting iPhone

The thrills and kills of Capcom's high-kicking beat 'em up Street Fighter IV are headed to the iPhone and iPod Touch in March for a yet-unknown price, IGN reports.

Classic and contemporary pugilists are promised with series mainstays Ken and Ryu confirmed so far, all packing their complete repertoire of special moves and attacks.

The twitchy, timing-sensitive beat 'em up might seem an uncomfortable choice for a touchscreen but according to IGN, "Capcom has taken months to come up with suitable controls for a platform with no physical buttons, employing a virtual pad and move buttons to recreate the arcade stick right on the touchscreen."

A 'Dojo Mode' will be available for practice and acclimatising to the controls, while multiplayer will be available in the form of local Bluetooth play. The same art assets as the console versions of reportedly used, though naturally scaled back somewhat.