Mount & Blade: Warband Dev Diary Talks Multiplayer

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 10, 2010 7:30am PST Multiplayer medieval warfare in Mount & Blade's expansion pack 'Warband' is the focus of a new video interview with developer Taleworlds' lead designer Armagan Yavuz.

Multiplayer with up to sixty-four players is perhaps most exciting of Warband's additions, which will offer modes including deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, the team-based 'Battle' and castle-bashing 'Siege,' complete with mod support.

Warband will also bring a new faction, revamped graphics and improvements to morale, faction and diplomatic systems when it hits PC on March 19--a slightly delayed release.

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  • I really feel like they're missing the real potential of multiplayer for this title. What I want, and what I personally am of the opinion would make a hit, is co-op or persistent versus maps you could save and return to with friends. If I could lead an empire and my friend could lead an empire and we could battle the AI or eachother or other players, that would be fun.

    I really have no desire to play the majority of what they seem to peddling here, which is FPS style play in a game that is very much not an FPS. And while I haven't played it, it seems to me in a game with physics based melee and ranged combat, any amount of lag is going to feel totally unacceptable.

    All of this is my opinion of course. And I didn't think the original idea sounded all that great and avoided the game for a long time, and when I finally played it I loved it. So maybe this will be equally awesome. I'm just a tad skeptical.