Dante's Inferno DLC Officially Announced

Two Dante's Inferno downloadable content packs were officially announced today by EA after word recently leaked of one, while plans for DLC item packs were also revealed.

'Dark Forest' will arrive in March bringing "a prequel level that tells the story of Dante's journey home and features new enemies, puzzles and relics," while on April 29 'Trials of St. Lucia' will add a new playable character, online co-op and a combat trials editor.


Further downloadable content will come in the form of packs of "souls, skins, relics and magics to further boost players on their journeys through Hell"--which sound like instant unlock packs. 'Dark Forest' will be free on PlayStation 3 as part of the 'Divine Edition'--pricing for its Xbox 360 version and for 'Trials of St. Lucia' have yet to be announced.

Visceral Games' action allegory will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 tomorrow in Europe then February 9 in North America. A PSP version is due to be released later, with many retailers listing February 23.

The God of War-a-like's marketing and merchandising machines are now fully powered, as EA has already released a Dante's Inferno comic book and confounding special branded edition of Dante Alighieri's 'Inferno' and is due to air a swish pre-rendered commercial by CG masters Blur during this weekend's Super Bowl.