Borderlands PC Patch v1.2.1 Released

By Chris Faylor, Feb 02, 2010 1:00pm PST Gearbox has once again updated Borderlands PC, bringing improved multiplayer connectivity and some graphical tweaks to its post-apocalyptic shooter-RPG.

The 191MB v1.2.1 update is available on FileShack, with the German version once again getting a separate update due to its censored nature. Please note, these are only for retail copies--if you bought Borderlands PC through a digital distribution outlet, you'll need to get the patch from them.

As for patch notes, here's what Gearbox had to say:

The update contains the following:
  • Multiplayer connectivity has been improved; users should no longer be required to forward ports to host or join multiplayer games
  • Players who experienced distorted shadows or graphical glitches after update 1.0.1 should no longer experience these issues
  • The 3D Vision crosshair has been improved

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  • Stop complaining in every single Boardlands thread. They are still working on fixing the problems for people who don't give a damn and some that do and I commend them for that. I still care and i'm happy they are at least still trying. Only real problem I have is the sensitivity and I deal with that. If you don't play anymore that's great I don't need to read it on every post associated with Boarderlands. Of course this topic has but been beaten to death, but i'm tired of seeing the same rehash from the small negative anti Boarderlands war band. The game is not perfect I know this. Do better please and I will complain on your forums.