Dante's Inferno Getting Online Co-op Multiplayer, Gameplay Editor with 'Trials of St. Lucia' DLC

As often happens when games are sent to stores in advance of their release date, someone out there nabbed an early copy of Dante's Inferno. This particular someone noticed a trailer detailing a downloadable add-on that will bring online co-op and a gameplay editor on April 29, then shared it with the world via YouTube. BOOM video 3937

The as-yet-unpriced add-on is called "Trials of St. Lucia," with the second player taking control of St. Lucia herself. The mode's titular trials see players tackling wave after waves of foes, with players able to create, share, and download user-made trials.

Developed by Visceral Games, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the literary action game hit Europe on February 5 and North America on February 9. A2M's PSP iteration, which likely won't support DLC, will follow a bit later on--around February 23, if the latest retailer listings are to be believed. Thanks to Destructoid for the tip.