Details and New Screens for Sins of a Solar Empire 'Diplomacy' Expansion

Ironclad Games is getting ready to launch a new 'Diplomacy' expansion for its deep-space, real-time-strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire, and we've got some new screens and information to prove it.


We also followed up with Ironclad Games to get the lowdown on the notable improvements in 'Diplomacy,' which include:

  • New maps and scenarios
  • Interface to negotiate with other players
  • Diplomacy technology tree
  • Envoy ships to send to other players
  • Ability to assign specific missions to pirates
  • Ability to assign missions to AI players
  • Diplomatic victory condition
  • Massively improved computer AI
  • New, horrible, horrible AI difficulty levels for the truly insane players
  • New game speed adjustment options
The Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy expansion will be available on February 9th as an add-on to the original game for $9.99. For first-timers, a new 'Trinity' bundle that includes Sins of a Solar Empire, the first expansion, and 'Diplomacy' will also be available that day for $39.99.

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