Pony Friends 2 Promises New Best Friend

Final Fantasy maker Square Enix wasn't kidding when it said that purchasing Eidos would "accelerate our aggressive expansion into Western markets," as the company has announced that Pony Friends 2 will trot out to North American shops February 23. nope

The original Pony Friends, published by Eidos and developed by Tantalus, was a Nintendo DS exclusive described today as "top selling Nintendo DS title." Tantalus returned to helm the virtual pet sequel, which is already available in Europe and sees the franchise expand to Wii and PC while retaining its core Nintendo DS fanbase.

"For all players who have always wanted their own pony, Pony Friends 2 provides the joys of pet ownership and an endless and engrossing gameplay experience," Sqaure Enix explained in today's "HAVE A PERFECT PONY AS YOUR BEST FRIEND WITH PONY FRIENDS 2" announcement. "Each pony has its own personality, and with a total of 12 breeds to choose from, players can get to know their ponies in-depth. The DS version even lets players talk to their ponies--with the ponies responding to player voices."

For those seeking more on potential pony pals, the fact sheet is below:

Players are welcomed back to the stables with PONY FRIENDS 2, the sequel to the top-selling DS title. Now coming to Wii, Nintendo DS and PC, PONY FRIENDS 2 allows players to customize their ponies and explore pony tricks, trails, quests, racing and more. With new, intuitive riding gameplay and a customizable experience, players can become their perfect pony's best friend.

PONY FRIENDS 2 allows players to create their perfect pony and take part in a comprehensive range of fun activities. Featuring twelve ponies (four new breeds), each with different personalities, players can customize every aspect of their appearance. Taking special care of their pony to keep it clean and healthy, players can take it on trail rides across different landscapes and environments. Grab the reins, photograph wildlife and unlock countless secrets on the journey.

PONY FRIENDS 2 features an exciting competitive mode across all formats. Players can compete in races and trick competitions alone or with friends on Wii and DS. Trade ponies and even talk to them on Nintendo DS!

  • Race, compete and trade with your friends: Enter race and trick competitions to win trophies! Experience multiplayer racing and trick competitions on Wii.
  • Explore 25 diverse trails, befriend wild ponies and photograph wildlife to discover secrets: Take the reins and ride your pony on a range of trails and through open areas, alone or with a friend. Photograph a variety of wild animals and earn the friendship of wild ponies.
  • Earn new accessories and create a special look for your pony: Choose and personalize your ponies and trade with friends!
  • Discover the PONY FRIENDS world and get to know your ponies at your own pace: There's always something new to explore. Groom and take care of your pony to keep it happy. Talk to your pony on DS and watch how it responds to your voice!