Monster Hunter MMO Coming to Xbox 360

BOOM widget 92029Capcom's massively multiplayer take on its popular Monster Hunter franchise is coming to Xbox 360 in the form of Monster Hunter Frontier Online, the company revealed today.

Monster Hunter Frontier Online will launch on Xbox 360 in Japan sometime in summer 2010, joining the previously released PC edition already running in Japan and Asia. As for North America and Europe, Capcom told Kotaku that "the title has not been confirmed for release" in those territories.

The PC and Xbox 360 versions will run on separate servers, going by andriasang translations. Instead of requiring an Xbox Live Gold subscription, the game will utilize a "Hunters Life Course" ticket that runs 1,400 yen (~$15) per month. Unsurprisingly, Xbox 360 players will need to have an Xbox 360 hard drive and an internet connection.

A two week open beta will follow the Xbox 360 version's retail release, during which all buyers will be able to play for free in addition to the included thirty days of play time.

For a taste of the game and its monster-slaying antics, scope out this trailer: BOOM video 3793