Just Cause 2 PS3 Includes YouTube Video Export

Those that pick up the PlayStation 3 edition of Just Cause 2 will be able to record their over-the-top antics and upload them directly to YouTube from within the game.

Publisher Square Enix made the announcement today, specifying that players of Avalanche's latest "will be able to automatically record the last 30 seconds" by activating the feature, with an option to record up to ten minutes of footage also available. nope

In addition to ridiculous exploits--"parachuted off a cliff onto a passing helicopter, laying waste to a military harbour with missiles, before ejecting, skydiving down through enemy flak, grappling soldiers to passing aircraft, leaving nothing but the smoking remains of the military might," reads one example--Square hopes the functionality will lead to video walkthroughs, speed-run competitions, and "South East Asian-inspired Machinima."

Coming to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Just Cause 2 hits North America on March 23, with "Europe, Middle East, and Australasia" then getting it on March 26.