Silent Hunter 5 Media Sinks Ships, 'Dynamic Campaign' Detailed

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 21, 2010 7:51am PST Ubisoft Romania has released a dramatic new trailer and pleasing screenshots for its "early 2010"-due PC U-boat simulator Silent Hunter 5, as well as details of its 'dynamic campaign.'

Rather than follow a strict mission structure, Silent Hunter 5 presents players with a large objective then leaves them to rewrite history.

In an overview document, Ubisoft gives the example of supporting Rommel's North African offensive in 1942 by escorting supply ships, hitting the Allies' own supplies, knocking out their fleet, or going directly for the sub and bomber base in Malta.

The campaign features over 160 ports, 70 airbases and 10,500 ships with 250 convoys, supposedly operating dynamically and reacting appropriately to the player's actions.

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  • I was lucky enough to review their past game and while it has some initial bugs and non-functional features, it was insanely addictive and fun. The addition of the great movie-style camera, allowing me to follow each dramatic torpedo hit (or miss) was loads and loads of coolness slathered with fun.

    You GO UbiSoft Romania...I love your games!

    (For the record, and this is directed at Garnett, I had to laugh derisively when I heard via the now-defunct GFW podcast that Shane "I don't know what a PC is or how to use one for gaming" Bettenheusan had ridiculed these types of game. What a clueless journalist.)