Elder Scrolls MMO Rumors Keep Swirling as Bethesda Seeks to Redact 'Secret Information'

By Chris Faylor, Jan 20, 2010 10:30am PST As the Fallout MMO courtroom drama between Interplay and Bethesda continues to unfold, a recent filing has reignited the long-running rumors that Bethesda and parent company ZeniMax are readying an MMO based in The Elder Scrolls universe.

Specifically, Bethesda requests certain parts of its recent testimony be censored before the transcripts are made public, as "trade secret information" regarding "a particular game not at issue" would "destroy their value by placing them in the public domain and making them available to [Bethesda's] competitors."

Word of the filing emerged via Duck and Cover, which reports that the transcripts indicate ZeniMax Online's long-coming MMO is on a four-year development schedule and entered development in 2007, suggesting that it's due to launch sometime in 2011.

And while the identity of the MMO has yet to be officially confirmed, VG247 added fuel to the long-standing rumors, claiming it has been "very reliably informed" that it's an Elder Scrolls MMO and must be "very close to reveal by now."

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  • Yah I also think a Oblivion MMO is pure D wrong.. I know the modern gaming world likes to go this way because of the subscription Model $, but this game is about being on your own in a beautiful world. Where you can choose to kick back at the House or go fight Vampires in a cave.. Give us access to Morrowind, or the Black Marshes (Please not Shivering Isles... While an interesting experiment, and fun to visit, it's not the same experience. PS I also have not replayed that, and I am one of Oblivion's biggest fans.) So please up the eye candy, give us more NPC interactions (Let visitors "come a knockin" to our homes or stay for dinner conversation) and more interesting side quests. I Always enjoyed the side quests far more than getting sigil stones repetitively and at length. Just don't fix what ain't broke. The best PC game ever by many accounts, please, just give us more!