Reports of Rockstar Workplace Woes Widen as Source Suggests Another Max Payne 3 Delay

Following allegations of poor working conditions at Red Dead Redemption developer Rockstar San Diego, an anonymous ex-employee of sister studio Rockstar Vancouver has told Joystiq that the Max Payne 3 developer is likewise suffering.

"Virtually everything said in the original 'Rockstar wives' letter and by current and former Rockstar San Diego employees in the comments applies to my experience at Rockstar Vancouver," the source explained, specifying "14 - 16 hour work days, six or seven days a week" due to "enforced crunch mode through to the end of the project." nope

But while Red Dead Redemption's impending April 27 release date points to the possibility of temporary relief for the beleaguered San Diego staff, Max Payne 3 isn't due out until sometime between August and November 2010, at the earliest.

Worse yet, the source implies that another delay for the twice-postponed project is likely, explaining: "The game's story just went through another total re-write earlier this month (the third that I am aware of in the past two years) and that [means] the team would have to have all of the content done by April or May to make that August release date."

As before, Rockstar and studio owner Take-Two have yet to issue a statement on the allegations, though Rockstar debuted a new wallpaper series dubbed "The Eye" following a report that compared its main New York office to The Eye of Sauron.