IGDA Responds to Allegations of Poor Working Conditions at Rockstar San Diego

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA), a nonprofit membership organization that supports videogame makers, recently weighed-in regarding claims leveled by "wives of Rockstar employees" at developer Rockstar. At the heart of the matter, accusations that excessive overtime requirements during the development crunch for the upcoming open-world old-west adventure, Red Dead Redemption, have led to the deterioration of working conditions, employee morale, and the quality of life of their family members.

The IGDA response states, "with the stresses imposed by the declining economy, game studios, like other independent businesses, are under increased pressure and therefore are more susceptible to production concerns." They also assert that although many studios are good about ensuring the quality of life for their employees, "unhealthy practices are still far too common in our industry."

The results of the IGDA's 2009 "Quality of Life Survey," in which 3,300 game developers participated, confirmed that, in general, "...conditions in most workplaces are improving and, with diligence and an emphasis on increasing process efficiency, can continue to do so." That said, over half the developers surveyed felt that they also needed, "...more time for themselves and their families."

The IGDA's statement doesn't support or debunk any specific claims of poor working conditions at Rockstar. It serves more to reassert the IGDA's position as game developer advocates for fair company practices and a reasonable quality of life for employees. However, the developer advocacy group concluded by issuing "an open invitation to Rockstar developers, studio heads, and corporate officers offering consultation to bridge overtime gaps on the basis of their common interest in producing the best game product possible."

No word yet on whether Rockstar San Diego will accept the IGDA's invitation.