Mass Effect 2 Trailer Explores Soldier Class, Fire

BOOM widget 90970 With Mass Effect 2 less than two weeks away and developer BioWare having already issued trailers on the game's other five classes--Adept, Infiltrator, Vanguard, Sentinel, Engineer-- it's finally time for a video examining its sixth and final combat class class: the Soldier.

"No other class has this many guns," Mass Effect 2 lead gameplay designer Christina Norman explains. "With so many guns and so many ammo types, Soldiers can handle any situation and any enemy."

And yes, among those ammo types is one that sets foes on fire. Pretty, purifying fire.

BOOM video 3621

The action-RPG sequels hits PC and Xbox 360 on January 26 in North America and January 29 in Europe, with today's media update also bringing screenshots of the M-622 Avalance and GameStop pre-order exclusive M-490 Blackstorm weapons.