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By Alice O'Connor, Jan 13, 2010 5:00am PST A fine recent post on the ever-wonderful BLDGBLOG discusses freeform movement through internal urban spaces both in reality and the movie Die Hard. If you've ever loved--or loathed--crawling through vents, blasting through walls and seeking alternate routes, you might find the perspective interesting. Do be warned that it'll probably make you think about Deus Ex, which invariably leads to playing Deus Ex again.

While you're clicking, have a unfriendly link that apparently is infected something fierce? rummaged up by the wonderful riot rite right clit clip click too. Don't click too far, mind, or you'll stumble upon nudity and violence that, while not gratuitous, are possibly best kept out of your workplace.

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  • Boy, Linux is a pain in the ass sometimes, but when you get it working it's quite a rush. Still, it's come a long way.

    I just managed to get the FOG PXE boot server running on a little Dell Optiplex 745 here in the office. Every time we needed a new office computer imaged for local deployment we had to send it off to the Evil Parent Corporation for about $30 shipping or so. But this little puppy was supposed to save us that money and time.

    Strangely enough, every issue I've had over the past week has been the fault of the computers I'm imaging, and not Linux. Turns out this server was literally an issue-free installation. Everything works great. I'm sorry but I'm not a stranger to Linux and that shit never happens.

    It was so easy to install I'm seriously considering deploying it at home for data backups and such.