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By Alice O'Connor, Jan 13, 2010 5:00am PST A fine recent post on the ever-wonderful BLDGBLOG discusses freeform movement through internal urban spaces both in reality and the movie Die Hard. If you've ever loved--or loathed--crawling through vents, blasting through walls and seeking alternate routes, you might find the perspective interesting. Do be warned that it'll probably make you think about Deus Ex, which invariably leads to playing Deus Ex again.

While you're clicking, have a unfriendly link that apparently is infected something fierce? rummaged up by the wonderful riot rite right clit clip click too. Don't click too far, mind, or you'll stumble upon nudity and violence that, while not gratuitous, are possibly best kept out of your workplace.

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  • Recently, I started playing Warcraft 3: TFT, just doing random 3v3 or 2v2 team battles. I'm absolutely terrible at 1v1, but i decided to give it a shot, and it turns out i won!
    I'm fairly certain no one will watch this, but this is the replay. Undead(me) vs Orc

    I started on the southeast portion of the map, while he was in the northwest corner.
    I went for an early expansion which, i think, sealed the win for me. While my opponent sort of just creeped around, i did the same, but I also skipped tier 2 units and went straight for tier 3. Eventually i was running around with my Death Knight, Crypt Lord, aboms, and fiends, just creeping and trying to level up as quickly as possible. You'll see my opponent and i would run into each other, but really i was just looking around for any of his expansions, and hoping to avoid a fight.
    I finally found one expansion that looked somewhat fresh. I took it out and retreated, but not before his taurens wiped out a good chunk of my dudez. I eventually gathered some frost wryms, went back up a short time later to see he rebuilt it- i took it out again and retreated. At that point he really had no economy, and he made a couple of last attempts to come at me, which, resulted in my hero dying.... again. However, knowing that he had no other expansion, while i was now working on my third, it just became a war of attrition that i was winning. He made a final pushfor my third expansion, and died.
    Hooray for me.