Infinite Space Trailer Rocks 80's Anime-Inspired Style

A new trailer for the upcoming space-faring role playing game Infinite Space has arrived, It's the first of four anime-inspired clips teasing the game's upcoming release on the Nintendo DS.

Developed cooperatively by PlatinumGames and Nude Maker, whose previous collaboration resulted in the mech-combat game Steel Battalion (the legendary Xbox game that required a huge custom 40-button controller), the SEGA-published Infinite Space features a nostalgic 80's-inspired anime look and feel. The game packs over seventy hours of gameplay, one hundred different spaceships to command, and both single and multiplayer game modes into its little cartridge.

Due out sometime in Spring of 2010, Infinite Space's story focuses on a young adventurer named Yuri who finds himself battling space pirates and evil dictators in a galaxy on the cusp of war. Apparently, he'll also have to "search the universe for a mystical epitaph that is known to have power to change the world." Must be some wickedly clever postmortem commentary.

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