Singularity Delay Listed by GameStop

Raven Software's time-twisting shooter Singularity may have suffered yet another delay, going by recently updated GameStop listing noticed by Big Download.

At last official word, publisher Activision expected all three versions of Singularity--PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360--to arrive no later than March 31, 2010. However, retailer GameStop updated its listing yesterday, slating the game for June 1. nope

As with most retail dates, GameStop's listing should be considered placeholder--other retailers still list Singularity for various unconfirmed dates in February or March--though it certainly suggests a release date beyond the current "Q1 2010" window.

Thus far, Activision has refused to comment, stating "it does not comment on rumor and/or speculation" and "we have not announced a launch date for Singularity," with the game's official site listing a Spring 2010 window. Should Activision offer an update or should any other retailers list a similar delay, we'll let you know.