Dante's Inferno Trailer: 'Like a High School Reunion, Except You Get to Cut Everyone's Heads Off'

"You have to fight these guys, right here and right now," developer Visceral Games says of Fraud, the eighth circle of hell, in this trailer for its poetic beat 'em up Dante's Inferno.

"[It's] like a high school reunion, except you get to cut everyone's heads off."

Thing is, they're talking about fraud. Can we trust them? Is it actually the hardest circle in the game, or is this a clever ruse to hide a level filled with rainbows and unicorns?

We'll find out for sure when Dante's Inferno unleashes hell upon PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP and North American retail February 9. Until then? Unicorns. Glitter. Believe. BOOM video 3492