Splinter Cell: Conviction Shots Go Split Screen

Two new screenshots of Splinter Cell: Conviction have surfaced, sneakily showcasing the stealth-action sequel's slick split-screen support in its co-op multiplayer mode. nope

Word of the cooperative multiplayer mode, set before the game's single-player campaign, recently surfaced, with today's split-screen media via Xbox Europe Community Manager Graeme Boyd and Ubisoft's Splinter Cell Facebook.

The only thing that remains unclear is if the split-screen support is only in the Xbox 360 version or if it also extends to the PC edition due the same day. We're checking in with Ubisoft, hopefully we'll know more before the game arrives on February 23.

Update: Ubisoft has confirmed with Shacknews that Splinter Cell: Conviction PC will indeed sport both the online and split-screen multiplayer modes.